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Honor before death  is a respectful guild, to our members and to the community. Now that being said as a guildey, I want to see from you respect, to your fellow gamers, and of course your family. We shall have Honor over anything else, So please keep the guild chat clean, and Trade chat clean, I know in raids, and bg's even Dung's stuff will slip as people can be new. But try to just kick the ninja instead of cursing them. And above all else, if your going to die, die with some HONOR! 

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Pve raiders after Patch 5.2

Tharozoft, Feb 17, 13 9:52 PM.
When Patch 5.2 comes out, we will be focusing on raiding fairly hard again guys. If you want to be on the raid team you will need to cap vp's every week. We will help with this. But it must be done. As we will not step one foot into a raid without all vp gear put on. This also means we will need to grind lfr every week.for the raid rep.


Some Motivation to get PVP geared by patch 5.1 - Coming soon

kervix, Feb 6, 13 7:05 PM.
The shoreline of Karasong Wilds is getting a huge change in the next patch. It will be a HUGE PVP zone. Now might be a good time to get your quest achives for Karasong Wilds if you want them. Looking at the PTR notes up, its going to be almost impossible to quest through there after the patch. Here is a link to the notes:

Some highlights are:

-Players will both valiantly defend their faction’s outpost and assault the opposing faction's headquarters

-Players can slay rival NPCs and opposing faction players along the shore to earn commissions that can be spent to upgrade their faction's base.

-Look for strategic objectives to capture, including graveyards and towers. Commissions can be spent to recruit guards that will help protect this captured territory!

Tailoring netherweave bags

makecode, Jul 1, 12 4:58 PM.
If you need or want me to make bags for you Pst me with the cloths or bolt of cloths to make and ill do it free of charge:P


Tharozoft, Jul 1, 12 11:51 AM.
All guildies  from the 1st of the month, ( today ) tru the 14, there will be no mass g kick's for inactive player's this is so if you need time to go spend with your family for the 4th you can :) and nothing will happen, we here at HBD know people like to go out of town for holiday's and do not punish anyone for doing so.

Also, A update on vent, after looking at how the raid challenges work in full. We will be getting vent for one of two things occur  A) we get a guild raid challenge or B) we hit lvl 6 within 5 weak's :). Starting from today the first of  July.


HBD Contest

Tharozoft, Jun 28, 12 9:27 PM.
HBD will be having a activity contest next weak starting Tuesday July 2nd, and ending on the next Monday,  whoever has the most activity in guild news will get a free Personal World Destroyer!
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